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The Writings & Photography of Jim Murtagh

my Hobbies

Writing and photography allow me to merge my work with my hobbies. I observe the world around me and record it with words and photographs, so that others may share in my experiences. I keep a list of "life goals" and each time I cross one off, three more get added.


I competed in my first bass tournament when I was 14. I won that event and took the lunker award with a 5 lb. largemouth bass. From that moment on, I was hooked! There was a time in my fishing career when I was fishing more than 100 days a year. I don't get out as often as I would like to anymore, but I seldom turn down the invitation to spend a few hours on the water.

My focus has changed from competitive bass fishing to more recreational fishing. I pursue any species of fish, but I particularly enjoy catching slab panfish and snapper bluefish on a light fly rod. It's a great day whenever I can get out on the water. Rainy days are my favorite.

I have been a factory representative and field tester for the following companies:

  • Humminbird Electronics (depth sounders/fish finders and marine electronics)
  • Dupont Stren Fishing Line
  • Plano Molding Company(tackle boxes)
  • T's Bass Lures (injection molded plastic baits: worms, tubes, etc.)


There is something remarkable about working with horses that makes all your problems go away. I learned to ride English style, but I prefer working with horses on the "ground." I have been a stable hand at several barns and am always ready to volunteer to tack and groom for anyone looking to go out on a ride.

Aquariums and Zoos

I can spend hours watching animals at zoos and aquariums. The touch tanks are my favorite. It doesn't matter if it's an alligator or a sea urchin; I want to touch it!

These are the aquariums and zoos I have visited.



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